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Married, no children.
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Friday, October 17, 2003
Persian Mythology

Did you know anything about Persian Mythology. We have a very comprehensive literature for this subject but unfortunately it is not very known to world. Here is the name of on of the Gods:
Daevas: In ancient Persian mythology they are demons who cause plagues and diseases and who fight every form of religion. They are the male servants (or followers) of Angra Mainyu, also known as Ahriman. The female servants are called the Drugs. Together they fight Ahuru Mazda (Ormazd) and his Amesha Spentas.

Posted at 08:14 am by Amir
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50,000 years Later

The Faraway Children , Of Your Children Of Their Great Grand Children
Who You Would Never Have known
Would Have loved To Know You.
What Would You Like To Tell Them?

KEO is a satellite built to return to Earth 50 000 years from today. It shall bring back to our far away descendants every message that each and every one of us is invited to put on board.

Posted at 12:13 am by Nema
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Thursday, October 16, 2003
Blocking Spam by Google

when a spam result comes up in a search, Google not only blocks the spam, but every result after it. This means that for searches where spam results manage to rise to the top, very few -- sometimes zero -- results will be returned.more ...

Posted at 01:39 pm by Nema
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Everything About Nobel Prize, the Museum

I found something interesting. Anything you want to know about Nobel prize is in their homepage. Very comprehensive information. Visit NOBEL e-MUSEUM.

Posted at 09:13 am by Amir
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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
ACDSee 6.0 Review

We've been using ACDSee for a long time because of its uncanny ability to open and show just about any type of image file, and do it fast. But ACDSee is more than that. It is also a powerful tool for organization, and printing photos. With this new version, ACD Systems added multiple enhancements.
read more from megapixel

Posted at 11:17 pm by Nema
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Ferrari's Red Heat In Digital World

Ferrari-styled laptop from Acer and Ferrari digital camera from Olympus.
Acer's Ferrari 3000 laptop has 512MB of RAM, a 15-inch screen, a 60GB hard drive, built-in 802.11g, a DVD burner, and a memory card reader.(Via Gizmodo)

Posted at 12:31 pm by Nema
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Worst Jobs in Science

This is a very interesting survey from Popular Science, about the most unpleasant jobs in science. What people have to do for earning money from science. And at the end there are some historical unpleasant scientific jobs which worth reading.
I am very happy that I am not one of these scientists. Of course, if the payment is good, I am ready to choose one of them eagerly.

Posted at 08:21 am by Amir
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Using Google to Search Your Personal Blogsphere

Adding a free "blogs I read" search box to your own weblog provides your readers with an easy way to use Google to search the web, your site or just the blogs you read.

Posted at 05:14 pm by Nema
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A Million Gigabytes, How Many MP3s?

What the hell anyone needs one million gigabytes of storage capacity? Maybe governments but not individuals for sure.  IBM's new data storage system, codenamed Storage Tank, is designed for the most voracious data warehouser. Read more from Wired.

Posted at 08:22 am by Amir
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Monday, October 13, 2003

We are just a moment in time,
A blink of an eye,
A dream for the blind,
Visions from a dying brain,
I hope you don't understand.


Words & Music: D. Patterson; Alternative 4; Anathema; 1998

Posted at 12:37 pm by Nema
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