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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Dolby Headphone Technology

dolby headphoneWouldn't it be great to be able to crank up your home theater system without bothering your neighbors? Or watch a movie on an airplane with sound at least as good as what you hear in the local multiplex? Or listen to an entire symphony over headphones without suffering listener fatigue?
This is the promise of Dolby Headphone technology. It is a revolutionary signal-processing system that can take up to five channels of audio from any source and make it sound like it's coming from that many speakers in a real listening room. The "in your head" effect of regular headphone listening is replaced by a spacious, natural soundfield you can enjoy for hours on end.
more and more...

Posted at 11:12 pm by Nema
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Little Ninjai

Adventures from Little Ninjai. The Little Ninja is online action/adventure series. Let's join him on his exciting, enlightening and humorous journey as he travels throughout the Ancient World. This is presented by atom Films, one of my favorite sites.

Posted at 08:00 am by Amir
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Monday, October 06, 2003
What is XIII?

XIII is the upcoming multiplatform first-person shooter from Ubi Soft Entertainment. Based on its own merits, XIII is a stylish first-person shooter with some cool game mechanics. However, style and gameplay aside, XIII is primarily notable for two other reasons. First, ... (read more)

Posted at 11:30 am by Amir
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Sunday, October 05, 2003
Instant Memory Loss In A Post-Modern Movie

mementoLeonard Shelby, an employee of an insurance company, was concerned with the investigation of claims until, one night, his wife was raped and murdered in their apartment. Shelby himself was knocked unconscious after killing one of the murderers. The other murderer was able to escape without being identified. The police then assumed that there had only been one murderer who, in turn, had also been killed. Having been hit on the head, Leonard suffers from partial amnesia, from the loss of short-term memory. Despite this, he searches for his wife's escaped murderer (Memento; By Christopher Nolan). What's your idea about short memory loss? Your  memory up to the moment of crash is remained intact but you can't remember the name or face of persons with whom you  speak one hour ago. By the Way, do you think that leonard can find the murderer?

Reviews Of Film ; Trailer ; Official Site ; Full-Text Script

Posted at 08:14 pm by Nema
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Ford F150

New Model From An Old Company.Do You Know Ford F150 ?
(after Downloading,  right Click And select PLAY).

Posted at 01:00 pm by Nema
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Web-Based Remote Monitoring of Infant Incubators in the ICU

I was thinking that Internet is just good for chatting and multiplayer internet-based games. No way, it is too serious. Researchers are using that for controlling some variables in NICU. Then they can access those web-based information wherever they are. Read more in an article from International Journal of Medical Informatics.

Posted at 07:35 am by Amir
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Saturday, October 04, 2003
Fake Smile, Real Smile, How to distinguish them

Telling a joke to a couple of friends. All of them laugh (really!). How can you know that this was not just they were vey kind and didn't want you to think like a bad joke teller. Were they really laughing or they were just faking?
There is a scientific test and at the end an explanation for the difference between fake and real smiles from BBC Science

Posted at 08:00 am by Amir
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Friday, October 03, 2003
Unique Patterns

patternLook at this pattern.Is it created By PhotoShop? Or Bryce? Or ....
No. It Is A cross section of a head of red cabbage shows how the leaves interdigitate in an intricate and beautiful pattern.
The natural world abounds in eye-catching patterns. Consider the synchronized movements of a school of fish gliding through deep ocean waters; or the coordinated turns and swoops of a flock of starlings whirling among tall trees before coming to rest on a telephone wire. How do all the individuals in the school or the flock avoid collisions with their neighbors? How do they orchestrate their graceful movements?

Posted at 10:51 am by Nema
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Wow, It was Close; Collision with an Asteroid

An asteroid passed just 88,000 kilometres from the Earth by on Saturday 27 September - the closest approach of a natural object ever recorded. More in an article form New Scientist.

Posted at 08:08 am by Amir
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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Letters From Soldiers

"...tonight we are restricted to our barracks..."
"...thanks a lot for the smokes as they sure came in handy to us all in the tent..."
"...says he would give his right arm to stand..."
"we just got word that they no longer need cadets and that they're short of men in the ground forces. I guess you know what that means. Back to the infantry for me."

-Read More Letters From Soldiers Of World War II

Posted at 01:02 pm by Nema
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