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Married, no children.
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Saturday, November 22, 2003
Digital Persia

This Iranian Site Is A Composition Of Art , Tech And Science.Visit And Enjoy.

Posted at 02:00 pm by Nema
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The Peeg:A Peripheral for PDAs, Stimulate Brain Activity

Peeg, short for "personal electroencephalogram," is designed to stimulate different types of brain waves by sending positive waves to the wearer. Company literature says Peeg is the "world's best mobile digital brain charger."  Read the original story.
If this is true then I have to but one. Of course after buying the PDA, if I could afford!

Posted at 07:27 am by Amir
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Friday, November 21, 2003
Rssify Your Site

Turn Your Site To RSS 0.92 With This Free Tool.

Posted at 08:11 am by Nema
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Robotic Petting Zoo

Have you ever thought aboutthat befor? Having a robotic pet or a whole collection of them? They are getting nearer and nearer to this dream. Maybe then You can use your PDA as 'personal droid assistant'. See what is going on in this field from CNN Technology.

Posted at 08:00 am by Amir
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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Gothic metal band formed in 1992 by singer/guitarist/bassist/drummer Markus Stock and keyboarder Andreas.Empyrium music consisted of atmospheric and melancholic gothic metal.1996 saw the release of A Wintersunset. In 1997, Empyrium recorded Songs of Moors & Misty Fields with help from flutist/cellist Nadine.In 1999, Empyrium released Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays, which consisted of acoustic folk noir of Wagner-inspired dimensions.In 2002, Empyrium recorded Weiland.Weiland is the swansong of German duo Empyrium and a romantic tribute to the greatness and beauty of Nature. Musically, the album continues in the same vein as the previous effort Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays as acoustic guitars, cello and piano are combined to invoke feelings of love, loss and awe.

Posted at 10:11 am by Nema
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Artificial Actors

All of us remember some characters like ET, Yoda (Empire Strikes Back) and other artificial actors in the cinema. Are they good or not? Can they someday replace human characters? Lets look at this topic with more details.

Posted at 08:38 am by Amir
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz: Match Finished

Their fourth game ended in a draw and with it the X3D Man-Machine World Chess Championship match also ended in draw. X3D Fritz won game two, Kasparov won game three, and games one and four were drawn. Kasparov receives $175,000 for the result and also takes home the golden trophy.
Read the story from X3D Technologies Corp. You can also find the analyses for all games between these two giants in this webpage.

Posted at 08:13 am by Amir
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Bryce 3D Pictures

Let's Look To Many Amazing Pictures Created With Bryce Software;Also This one.

Posted at 07:25 am by Nema
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
2003:The Best Of What's New

The Popular Science Editor's Picks Of 2003:The Best of What's News

Posted at 12:49 pm by Nema
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The Mightiest Ships Of Then And Now

Popular Science has a good article about mighty warships during the long history of sea conflicts. From old ones till new ones the concept is the same, but the equipments have evolved. Read the article.

Posted at 08:26 am by Amir
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