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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Taking their name from the word "amorphous" meaning 'no determinate form or shape', Finland's most creative and acclaimed metal band have certainly lived up to their name along the course of their ten year history. With a vast set of musical influences amongst their membership, Amorphis have taken large strides with each consecutive album and have reached their most ambitious plateau yet.

Song Album
Alone Am Universum
Alone (remix)  
Goddess (Of the Sad Man) Am Universum
Divinity Tuonela
The Way Tuonela
The Brother-Slayer My Kantele
Against Widows Elegy
Better Unborn Elegy
Moon And Sun Black Winter Day Ep
In The Beginning Tales From The Thousand Lakes
Black Winter Day Tales From The Thousand Lakes
The Pilgrimage The Karelian Isthmus
Black Embrace The Karelian Isthmus
Vulgar Necrolatry Privelege Of Evil

Posted at 04:55 am by Nema
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Saturday, November 08, 2003
Digital MemoryFrame

I really like this ThinkGeek. It has some very cool gadgets. Of course they are not cheap and necessary, but they are good-to-have!
This is a Digital MemoryFrame. A frame which you can download your photos to it and just tell it to change them after a certain time period. Cool, isn't it? And don't look at the price! 

Posted at 02:09 am by Amir
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Friday, November 07, 2003
The P-38's Blackest Day

Dawn: June 10, 1944. The great complex of air bases near Foggia, Italy. Forty-six 82nd FG Lockheed P-38J Lightnings from the 95th, 96th and 97th Fighter Squadrons, each carrying a 1,000-pound bomb on the right wing shackle and a 310-gallon ferry drop tank on the left, shake the Foggia No. 11/Vincenzo airfield as they taxi for takeoff. Over the Adriatic, 48 1st Fighter Group P-38Js of the 27th, 71st and 94th FS flying escorts will join them. One after another over southern Italy, nearly 100 P-38s take wing and climb to altitude. Their target: Ploesti-the major oil refinery complex in Europe and more than 600 miles away across the Adriatic Sea and over the mountains of Yugoslavia. The mission: to dive-bomb the Romano-Americano oil refinery, which is the primary producer of high-grade aviation gasoline for the Luftwaffe. It will be recorded as the blackest day in the history of the American fighter forces in WW II. Read full story from FlightJournal.

Posted at 08:38 am by Amir
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Best Of FLash

As You Know, Flash Animations are  Small But  Amazing Movies Of The Internet.
Let's Try This Links To Find Best Flash Animations And Flash Sites On The Web.
>Best Flash Movies
>Best Flash Sites 1
>Best Flash Sites 2
>Best Flash Sites And Animation In Different Categories

Posted at 07:28 am by Nema
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Thursday, November 06, 2003
Yoga And Relaxation

A Complete Book  By Tony Crisp that covered all major aspects of Yoga in a compact form.

Posted at 06:18 am by Nema
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
XML Support in Word 2003

The new XML support in Word 2003 is one of its most exciting and powerful features. XML is no longer an afterthought; Word has been completely designed around XML from the ground up. It supports a native XML vocabulary called the Word Markup Language (WordML).The major benefit of having your documents in WordML format is that you can process them using any XML API (DOM, SAX, XmlReader, and so forth) on any platform using any programming language. Read More From MSDN

Posted at 10:02 am by Nema
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The Pelican Brief

Last night I was watching "The Pelican brief" from Alan J. Pakula. One of his most famous movies is "All the President's Men", of course he has some other good ones like "The Devil's Own". The interesting thing about the movie was its writer. He is the well-known author, John Grisham. He has an accounting degree from Mississipi state university in 1977 and then became a lawyer, a legislator and a best-selling novellist.
I remember that Nema was (is?) a great fan of his works and had lots of his books in his huge library. This is the official web site of John Grisham.

Posted at 08:48 am by Amir
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Laptop Bags by Givenchy Designers?

This is how the took the laptop bag out of the world of geeky black nylon and into the world of chic. Can you believe that these bags are fo laptops? Wow, they are very cool!
Read the story from BBC NEWS/Technology.

Posted at 08:28 am by Amir
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Monday, November 03, 2003
Where is The Plutonium?

Emma ,Craven , Northmoore, Jedburgh . Do you Remember?Yes, "Edge Of Darkness" Written by Troy Kennedy-Martin, a BBC dramatic thriller that won six BAFTA Awards and nominations and that is often named by film and TV writers as one of the best of all suspensers.
When his daughter Emma is murdered, policeman Ronald Craven with the Guidness of  spirit of the dead Emma  tries to unravel the web of lies surrounding her death and finds a lot more than he bargained for....more 
>view trailer1 and  trailer2
>download one little sequence 
>About It's dreaming Music 
>About Troy Kennedy Martin:The Writer
>Unfortunately, Bob Peck(Craven) died Of Cancer in 1999

Posted at 12:15 pm by Nema
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Da Vinci Surgical System

Da Vinci surgical system. Combination of robotic technology and medicine. How does it work and who are the minds behind that?
Read an article about this advancement form the Columbia University, department of surgery homepage.

Posted at 09:12 am by Amir
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