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Married, no children.
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
Digital camera in the Mars

NASA'S Spirit Rover which has just sent some stunning pictures back from Mars only uses a 1-megapixel camera!
Lesson:Spend your money on the lens, not the pixels!

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Posted at 06:34 pm by Nema
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When a yellow two-seater called Symmetry flew for the first time in California last April, a machine that is very likely the most finely crafted handmade artifact of its type took to the air. It deserves equal measures of admiration and incredulity. Admiration for the precision of the machine, incredulity for the obsession that produced it. This is technology as aviation art, from the hands of one man. Read full story from Popular Science.

Posted at 05:17 am by Amir
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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Painting Your Monitor!

If Your Monitor's Color Dosn't Match With Your Case ,Read This Guide For Painting oF Your Minitor Case

Posted at 06:29 am by Nema
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Friday, February 20, 2004
What an Emergency Department!

Yesterday my wife had a very severe atomach pain and We went to the Emergency Department in the university hospital. We had to take cue number and there were a couple of patients in front of us in the cue. After us, an old man with asthma came. He couldn't even breathe, but he had to wait in the cue, too. After a couple of minutes I asked a guy near me about the procedure. He replied that he has pain too and after a nurse visits you, then you must wait for the doctor and he is waiting there for two hours! He couldn't talk properly because of his pain. Then after half an hour, we came in. There was a nurse behind a window and asked my wife about the duration of the pain and the location. Just this! Without any examination and told her to go to a clinic tomorrow. My wife told her that her pain is very severe and she herself is a doctor and knows that it is not just a dyspepsia. But the nurse replied: I know you have severe pain but we can not do anything here for you (I looked aroun, isn't here the emergency department??). If you want to stay here your turn for visiting the doctor, would be around morning, so go home and tolerate the pain and in the morning go to a clinic!
It was very interesting for me. I thought that at least here they respect human being and the right of people to live without pain. I thought that here the quality of life must be more important than other places. We returned home. Her pain didn't decrease and she was awake and restless until morning. She survived and didn't die because of bleeding or sth. Now she is better but we never forget this bad event.
I like to go back to the east again, I don't like here.

Posted at 10:31 am by Amir
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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Thinking Of A Computer Program

An Article From Salt Lake Tribune About Abilities Of A New Computer Program

Posted at 07:24 am by Nema
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
This Time, Breast Cancer and Antibiotics

What else can we expect from researchers? The significant relationship between history of antibiotic consumption and breast cancer. Is this because of the antibiotics or from the underlying infections, or just a statistical significant coincidence? Read the full story from Mercury News.

Posted at 05:57 am by Amir
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
RSS Feeds Without Programming

A free tool for creating an RSS newsfeed from any blog, journal, or Web page. No programming required.

Posted at 06:14 am by Nema
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Monday, February 16, 2004
Behind their Smiles

After staying here for nearly 1.5 years, now I think that behind these smiles lies maybe the most racist minds in the world. If there is an available position and there are only two applicants, one a native with IQ=50 and the other a foreigner with 180, then they do not hesitate to take the native one.

Posted at 04:50 pm by Amir
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Future Hospitals

Robot medicine is not a dream, it is technologically available and is on the way. Last week, surgeons at St Thomas's Hospital in London operated the controls of a robot carrying out an operation on a kidney model in the US. Trials of the robot have shown it was slower than human surgeons - but more accurate. Read full story from BBC NEWS.

Posted at 08:37 am by Amir
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Sunday, February 15, 2004
The Art Of Photography

an E-book About History And Practice Of The Art Of Photography.
>download e-book (87kb/zip)

Posted at 04:46 am by Nema
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