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Saturday, March 06, 2004
Hard Choices in a Game?

Games have trained players not to think, but in this game they are trying to get out of that experience. This game aims to offer a unique personal experience by offering choices in virtually everything. And what is the name? It is the sequel for Deus Ex. The game's maker was heavily influenced by the TV series, the
X-Files, while the look of the environment draws heavily on the seminal film, Blade Runner.
Read more from BBC NEWS.

Posted at 05:27 am by Amir
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Friday, March 05, 2004
Send the Music Via Wifi to Your Car

Mobile audio wireless digital transfer system lets users transfer their music collection to their car wirelessly over an 802.11b connection.
>read more

Posted at 06:01 am by Nema
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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Virus Against Virus

Something strange is happening these days. Virus writers are competing with each others to control innocent computers and some other viruse writers even try to neutralize these. Authors of Bagle and MyDoom appear, in essence, to be wrestling for remote control over compromised computers, while the Netsky worm attempts to deactivate the other two.
Read the full story from F-secure.

Posted at 08:28 am by Amir
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Samael make an interesting mix of keyboards, drums, bass and guitarrs, few songs sound alike, and they're all very well mixed. Xy is a really good musician when it comes to combining many sounds at once into an actual song. While Vorph's lyrics have gone from "I love the dead" to "Angel's Decay" to "The Cross". And with the change of lyrics comes a change of music, Samael has gone from gothic to black and are now somewhere in between, something other bands such as Moonspell( aka Morbid God, Demonarch ), Cradle of Filth to name a few also place on their merit list.

Posted at 06:58 am by Nema
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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Nanowires and DNA Mutation

Harvard University researchers have demonstrated that it is possible to detect sequences of DNA that cause cystic fibrosis in real-time using a sensor made from nanowires. They are damn good there. Very exciting researches. It's my dream to someday work in such a place. These nanowire sensors could eventually be built into labs-on-a-chip that could be used for medical diagnostics and pathogen detection in the field, and for drug discovery. Read full story from TRN.

Posted at 08:15 am by Amir
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Monday, March 01, 2004
3D Effect In User Switching


An Interesting Feature In Panther OS From Apple.In The User Switching,Panther  animate the switch, as the current screen appears to rotate on a big cube to the next user's screen.

Posted at 06:45 am by Nema
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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Virtual Footbal

Virtual footbal? WTH is this? A better use of video conferencing I think. It is a ball game developed by Dublin researchers forces players to sweat while facing rivals who are miles away. Read more from BBC News.

Posted at 02:46 am by Amir
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Saturday, February 28, 2004
Absolute Hopeless

No Subject:
Hopelessness Is A Common Feeling in Iran,Specially Among Students.But Somedays This Feeling Convert To An Acute And Sever Form.And Now is One Of Those Days For Me.
interestingly, This Feeling Increases gradually.I Feel It Twice a week 2 Years Ago,And Now Happens Twice A Day.

Posted at 12:56 pm by Nema
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A Free And Useful Software For Creating Self-Extracting Encrypted Files.
>read more
>download (4239KB)

Posted at 07:25 am by Nema
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Friday, February 27, 2004
Levi Strauss

Do you want to know about the history of blue jeans? Is it invented by an American? Read the history from Inventors, one of my favorite sites.

Posted at 05:26 am by Amir
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