Entry: What an Emergency Department! Friday, February 20, 2004


Yesterday my wife had a very severe atomach pain and We went to the Emergency Department in the university hospital. We had to take cue number and there were a couple of patients in front of us in the cue. After us, an old man with asthma came. He couldn't even breathe, but he had to wait in the cue, too. After a couple of minutes I asked a guy near me about the procedure. He replied that he has pain too and after a nurse visits you, then you must wait for the doctor and he is waiting there for two hours! He couldn't talk properly because of his pain. Then after half an hour, we came in. There was a nurse behind a window and asked my wife about the duration of the pain and the location. Just this! Without any examination and told her to go to a clinic tomorrow. My wife told her that her pain is very severe and she herself is a doctor and knows that it is not just a dyspepsia. But the nurse replied: I know you have severe pain but we can not do anything here for you (I looked aroun, isn't here the emergency department??). If you want to stay here your turn for visiting the doctor, would be around morning, so go home and tolerate the pain and in the morning go to a clinic!
It was very interesting for me. I thought that at least here they respect human being and the right of people to live without pain. I thought that here the quality of life must be more important than other places. We returned home. Her pain didn't decrease and she was awake and restless until morning. She survived and didn't die because of bleeding or sth. Now she is better but we never forget this bad event.
I like to go back to the east again, I don't like here.


February 21, 2004   07:47 PM PST
Thanks Sepehr, now she is better.
February 21, 2004   05:37 PM PST
yes, my friend's uncle has serious problems with his kidney. he has to go to hospital almost 3 times a week. he really needs to get a new one. but they told him he has to wait 6 month for just an examination! now he is going back to iran to do the operation there.
anyway i hope your wife's OK now. take it easy Amir.
February 21, 2004   05:08 PM PST
You are right Sepehr. And this is really awsome. For a dentist appointment you have to wait two years for your turn and people request for a visit when they don't have a problem, just in case and they postpone their appointment until the necessary time!
February 21, 2004   12:55 AM PST
this shit happens in every country with a free health care. it's the same in canada too. once i was in emergency with my friend. a man came by with a severe cut in his hand and he was bleeding like hell. but ha was told to stay in line too. i went to the nurse and asked her: what the fuck is this? Mcdonald's? this guy has emergency situation. she said he has to wait until his turn. rules are rules. and there were a bunch of stupid seniors waiting in line for some dumb problems like a little headache. i said fuck your rules and we left there.
when people dont pay for medics they prefer to use it as much as they can. and that means ruining emergency too.
long story. sorry. but i know exactly what you mean.
February 20, 2004   05:52 PM PST
May Be These Are Exeptional Events!!

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