Entry: BartPE Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This software can be used for making bootable live windows CD or DVD.
What you can do with it which are not possible with any other DOS-based boot disks are:
- Accessing very large (>2TB) NTFS volumes or accessing volumes that are not seen by the BIOS, like some fibre channel disks.
- Very reliable scanning and cleaning of viruses on NTFS volumes using a "clean boot".
- Active Directory support.
- Have remote control over other machines, using vnc or remote desktop.

This is the homapage of BartPE.


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March 30, 2006   07:44 AM PST
Actually, I didn't use it myself. I read an article about it in a recent copy of a journal called "Mikrodatorn" and they have written lots of good things about it. So, I checked the net and found the link and stuff.
March 30, 2006   03:45 AM PST
have you actually used it? because i've tried it long time ago and it didnt work. so i gave up. now i use linux to do these stuff...

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